Westworld on HBO

Tonight is the premiere of Westworld on HBO.  A remake of the class 1973 movie with Yul Brynner, James Brolin and Richard Benjamin.  With a $100 million budget and four decades of technology advances I am sure the effects will be light years ahead of the original.

Ed Harris looks like he is going to be great as the evil android gunslinger.

Westword on HBO

I cannot wait to check it out.

Here are some images of the original Westworld movie:



North Texas Jellystone Park

Vacation at North Texas Jellystone Park Burleson, TX

As we had taken a number of trips to and from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport up and down I35 West we had noticed a large water park on the east side of the highway.  At first thought it was just the water park with the slides but upon further review it was discovered there was a lot number tucked away behind the massive water slide.  The water park is called Pirates Cove but the rest of that area is called North Texas Jellystone Park

So we booked a stay there for one night and thought we would check it. We decided to stay in one of the premium luxury cottages. The accommodations were quite nice.







Thank you for reading. — Grady Christie