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Smokey and the Bandit Easter Egg in the Walking Dead

Last night during the Walking Dead episode “New Best Friends” I happen to notice something during the scene where Daryl and Richard were arguing.  They were standing next to a truck trailer with a mural on it.  I took me a while to catch but then I realized:  That is the trailer from Smokey and the Bandit!  Do anyone else catch that?  It must be a homage to Smokey and the Bandit.  I think the series was supposed to have originated just outside of Atlanta, which was the ultimate destination of the Bandit and Snowman in the film.   You can read more about it here

There  may also been some significance to the gift that Rick gave Michonne when they were leaving the landfill.  It was an ornamental statue of a cat or something like it.  Perhaps they will elaborate on that in a future episode.






The Walking Dead Returns


Tonight the second half of season 7 of the Walking Dead returns.  A lot of folks were a bit disappointed by the first half of the season but I thought it was quite entertaining.

They did not leave us with too many cliffhangers. Basically we were set up with the fact that the members of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom were going to try and unit and attempt to overthrow Negan and the Saviors.

Negan took Eugene back with him after finding out they he knows how to make bullets.  I can see where that would be a smart move. Although it is probably not going to start off too comfy for Eugene.

The ratings have been down a little bit so I assume that Negan was introduced to the television show to try and boost them back up.  Did anyone else catch that Super Bowl commercial of him striking though a football with the barbed-wired bat Lucille?

I have been a fan of the season despite having missed the first two seasons entirely.  One rainy weekend a few years back they started rerunning all and I just happen to catch them right at the beginning of the airing the very first episode.  After being watching seasons 1 and 2 I have bee hooked ever since.

I cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of season 7.


Westworld Easter Egg on HBO: Was that the Yul Brynner Gunslinger in the background?

While watching Episode 6 “The Adversary” of the HBO series Westworld  I happened to notice something that looked oddly familiar.  When Bernard went down to the lower level of the old Delos Corporation offices,  he turned on a flashlight to sit down at a computer terminal.  In the background was a dark figure, just out of focus.  I had to watch it again to see if I could figure out what is was.  The second time I realized what is it: it was the evil gunslinger from the 1973 movie!

No mistaking it; just standing there was the killer robot famously played by Yul Brynner in the class film.


Could this be a clue to future events?  Or is the new HBO somehow connected to Micheal Crichton’s  Westworld ?

Before the series began I had always assumed that Ed Harris was to portray the role of the gunslinger host.  But instead in the series he is an unhinged guest that has gone to dramatic lengths to find out the meaning behind the amusement park.  Or perhaps he is a “host” himself and the decommissioned gunfighter we saw in the dark, abandoned basement was merely a previous model.


I am sure that some of the answers to these questions will be revealed in later episodes.  I cannot wait to see what happens next.


Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

Careful.. Hmm.. how to respond.  Let me see if I can think of a few words.

Always plan first.  Be prepared. I cannot remember who said this quote, but it goes something like this: “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six of them sharpening my axe.”




Westworld on HBO

Tonight is the premiere of Westworld on HBO.  A remake of the class 1973 movie with Yul Brynner, James Brolin and Richard Benjamin.  With a $100 million budget and four decades of technology advances I am sure the effects will be light years ahead of the original.

Ed Harris looks like he is going to be great as the evil android gunslinger.

Westword on HBO

I cannot wait to check it out.

Here are some images of the original Westworld movie:


North Texas Jellystone Park

Vacation at North Texas Jellystone Park Burleson, TX

As we had taken a number of trips to and from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport up and down I35 West we had noticed a large water park on the east side of the highway.  At first thought it was just the water park with the slides but upon further review it was discovered there was a lot number tucked away behind the massive water slide.  The water park is called Pirates Cove but the rest of that area is called North Texas Jellystone Park

So we booked a stay there for one night and thought we would check it. We decided to stay in one of the premium luxury cottages. The accommodations were quite nice.







Thank you for reading. — Grady Christie